Primary Care

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Primary Care services offered in Staten Island, NY

Primary care is the foundation of all of your general health needs. At New Leaf Adult & Women’s Health NP, PLLC, Enjoli McQueen King, NP, provides comprehensive primary care to help you achieve the best health possible. Call the office in Staten Island of New York City, New York, or book an appointment online today to learn more about primary care.

What is primary care?

Primary care provides a medical home for all of your general health concerns and needs. Your primary care provider (PCP) serves as the first person you reach out to for new health problems or illnesses. They also provide ongoing care and management for any health problems you have. 

At New Leaf Adult & Women’s Health NP, PLLC, Enjoli provides routine women’s health screenings and wellness care under one roof. She focuses on your individual concerns and health goals to develop personalized treatment plans that help you stay healthy.

What does primary care involve? 

Enjoli is an advocate for your health and well-being. At New Leaf Adult & Women’s Health NP, PLLC, she works closely with you to prevent health issues and improve your quality of life. 

Primary care often involves: 

Preventive care 

Preventive care allows Enjoli to determine your risk for health issues and take the steps to prevent illnesses and chronic disease. 

Health screenings

Enjoli provides health screenings, such as sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing, to protect your health and reduce the risk of serious complications. 

Discussion of your health goals

Primary care provides an opportunity for you to discuss any new or worsening problems and receive recommendations to improve your health. Enjoli spends time listening intently to your health goals and explaining your treatment options. 

Chronic disease management 

If you have a chronic disease, Enjoli can help manage your condition with primary care. She can also refer you to a specialist if you require more complex treatments. 

Wellness care

During your primary care visit, Enjoli may provide lifestyle recommendations and nutritional counseling to enhance areas of your health and well-being. 

How often should I schedule primary care visits? 

You can schedule a primary care visit at New Leaf Adult & Women’s Health NP, PLLC, anytime you need a physical exam, chronic disease care, or to discuss a new health issue with Enjoli. 

Even if you feel perfectly well, you might also benefit from primary care. Many chronic diseases, like hypertension (high blood pressure), don’t present obvious symptoms. Routine health screenings can help you maintain good health. 

Call New Leaf Adult & Women’s Health NP, PLLC, or book an appointment online today to find out how primary care can fit your health and wellness needs.