Weight Loss Wellness Program

Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner & A Wellness and Aesthetic Practice located in Staten Island, NY

Weight Loss Injections services offered in Staten Island, NY

Join our weight loss clinic for help with setting and reaching your weight loss goals. Whether you're getting started (or thinking about it), maintaining or re-starting, we've got you!

We offer weight loss injections!

Our weight loss program consists of

  • non-surgical weight loss consultation
  • 1-to-1 wellness coaching with diet planning
  • weekly weight checks
  • scheduled clinician monitoring
  • prescriptions for oral and injectible medications as indicated
  • complementary weekly fat burning injections in-office


Monthly membership fee of $150/ month, plus the cost of medication if applicable. *

The monthly membership fee is self-pay and not billed to insurance.

*we do assist with prior authorizations for medication pharmacy coverage, contact us for specific out-of-pocket pricing.